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Charlevoix was a Jesuit explorer and historian.

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This voyage, made in a single canoe, was a tour of exploration made at the request of the French government. The apparent series of letters to his patroness, Duchess de Lesdiguirros, was a way of recording the information he compiled. The letters were not sent. The is important both because of its large contemporary sales, and because of his dispassionate and accurate observation. Charlevoix's is one of the few which describes interior America at this early date.

I set out on the 27 th of last month from the entrance of lake Erie after sealing my last letter, and though it was then late I made three leagues farther that day with the advantage of a favourable wind and the finest weather in the world. The course is by coasting along the north shore amounting to a hundred leagues.

The way of turning off towards the south from Niagara is much more agreeable but longer by one half. Lake Erie is a hundred leagues in length from east to west. Its breadth from north to south is thirty leagues, or thereabouts. The name it bears is that of an Indian nation of the Huron language, which was formerly seated on its banks, and who have been entirely destroyed by the Iroquoise. Erie in that language ifies Cat, and in some s that nation is called the Cat nation. This name comes probably, from the large quantity of these animals formerly found in this country. They are no larger than ours and their skins are reckoned very valuable.

Some modern maps have given lake Erie the name of Conti, but with no better success than the names of Conde, Tracy, and Orleans which have been given to the lakes Huron, Superior and Michigan. On the 28 th I advanced nineteen leagues, and found myself opposite to a river called, La grande Riviere, or the Great River, which runs from the eastward in 42 deg. The largest trees however were not as yet covered with leaves.

Excepting this circumstance, the country appeared to me extremely beautiful. We made little way the 29 thand none at all the 30 th. We embarked again on the morrow before sunrise, and advanced a good way. The 1 st of June being the day of Pentecost, after having sailed up a beautiful river for the space of an hour, which has its rise as they say at a great distance, and runs betwixt two fine meadows; we passed over a carrying place of about sixty paces in breadth, in order to avoid turning round a point which is called the long Point; it is a very sandy spot of ground, and Women want sex Charlevoix bears a great quantity of vines.

The following days I saw nothing remarkable, but coasted along a charming country, hid at times by very disagreeable prospects, which however are of no great extent. Wherever I went ashore I was quite enchanted by the beauty and variety of a landscape, which was terminated by the noblest forest in the whole world. Add it this, that every part of it swarms with water fowl; I cannot say whether the woods afford game in equal profusion; but I well know that on the south side there is a prodigious quantity of Buffaloes.

Were we always to sail as I then did, with a serene sky in a most charming climate, and on water as clear as that as that of the purest fountain; were we sure of finding every where secure and agreeable places Women want sex Charlevoix pass the night in, where we might enjoy the pleasure of hunting at a small expence, breathe at our ease the purest air, and enjoy the prospect of the finest countries in the universe, we might possibly be tempted to travel to the end of our days.

I recalled to memory those ancient Patriarchs who had no fixed place of abode, who lived in tents, who were in the manner the masters of all the countries they passed through, and who enjoyed in peace and tranquillity all their productions, without the plague inevitable in the possession of a real and fixed estate.

How many oaks represented to me that of Mamre? If these pleasures sometimes suffer a little interruption, whether by hard weather or some other unforseen accident, it is only to render them more sensibly felt at a second enjoyment. Were I inclined to moralize I might add, that these alternatives of pleasure and disappointment, which I have already undergone since my setting out, are very proper to make us sensible that there is no kind of life more capable of placing this maxim constantly before our eyes, that we are no more than pilgrims on the earth, and that we have no right to use but as passengers, the good things of this world; that the real wants of man are very few inthat little is sufficient to purchase contentment, and that we ought to take in good part those evils and crosses which surprize us, since with the same rapidity they make way for a mixture of better fortune.

Lastly, how many things contribute in this way of life to make us sensible of our dependance on the divine providence, which in order to produce this mixture of good and evil, makes not use of the passions of men but of the vicissitudes of seasons, which may entirely be forseen, and the caprice of the elements which we ought to look for: and consequently what a multitude of opportunities of meriting by our confidence in, and reation to the divine will? It is generally said that long voyages are seldom attended with a large crop of divine grace; nothing however is more proper to produce it than this sort of life.

On the fourth we stopt a good part of the day on a point which runs north and south three leagues, and which is called Pointe Pelee, or Bald Point. It is however well enough wooded on the west side, but that of the east is a sandy track producing nothing but red cedars, of an indifferent growth and in small quantities.

The white cedar is of more general use than the red, the wood of which is easily broken, and is only fit for making small pieces of furniture. It is a notion in this country that women with child should not use it in Women want sex Charlevoix. The leaves of this tree yield no odour but the wood does.

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Quite the reverse happens in the white cedar. There are a great of bears in this country, and more than four hundred of these animals were killed last winter on Point Pelee alone. On the fifth towards four o'clock in the afternoon we perceived the land on the south shore, and two little islands which lie very near it. These are called Rattlesnake islands, and we are told they are so infested with these reptiles that the air is infested with them. We entered the Narrows an hour before sunset, and passed the night above a very beautiful island, called L'ifle de Bois Blanc, or White-wood island.

From Long-point to the Narrows the course is always west; from the entry of the Narrows to the island of St. Clair, which is five or six leagues, and thence to Lake Huron it bends somewhat towards the east, inclining to the south; thus the whole of the Narrows, which are thirty-two leagues long, lies between 42 degrees 12 or 15 minutes, and 43 degrees and a half north latitude.

Above the island of St. Clair, the Narrows widen and form a lake, which has either received its name from the island, or given it its own. It is about six leagues long and as many broad in some places. It is pretended that this is the finest part of all Canada, and really if we may judge by appearances, nature seems to have refused it nothing that can contribute to make a country delightful; hills, meadows, fields, lofty forests, rivulets, fountains, rivers, and all of them so excellent in their kind, and so happily blended, as to equal the most romantic wishes; the lands however are not all equally proper for every sort of grain, but most are of a wonderful fertility, and I have known some produce good wheat for eighteen years running without any manure, and besides all of them are proper for some particular use.

The islands seem placed on purpose for the pleasure of the prospect; the river and lake abound in fish, the air is pure, and the climate temperate and extremely wholesome. Before you arrive at the fort, which stands on the left, a league below the island of St. Claire, you find on the same side two pretty populous villages very near each other; the first is inhabited by the Tionnontatez a tribe of the Hurons, and the same who after having wandered to and fro for a long time, first settled at the falls of St. Mary, and at Michillimakinac; the second is inhabited by the Poutewatamie Indians.

On the right, somewhat Women want sex Charlevoix is a third village of the Outawais, inseparable companions of the Hurons from the time that both of them were driven from their country by the Iroquois; there are no christians at all among these last, and few if any amongst the Poutewatemies; the Hurons are all christians, but have no missionaries; it is said they will admit of none, but this is only true of a few of their principal men who have not much religion, and who do not suffer the others to be heard, who have been a long time desirous of having missionaries sent them.

It is a long time since the importance of the place, still more than the beauty of the country about the Narrows has given ground to wish, that some considerable settlement were made in this place; this has been tolerably well begun some fifteen years since, but certain causes of which I am not well informed, have reduced it almost to nothing; those who are against it alledge first, that it would bring the trade for the northern furs too near the English, who as they are able to afford their commodities to the Indians cheaper than we, would draw all that trade into the province of New York.

Secondly, that the lands near the Narrows are not fertile, and that the whole surface to the depth of nine or ten inches consists of sand, below which is hard clay impenetrable to the water; from whence it happens that the plains and interior parts of the woods are always drowned; that every where you see nothing but diminutive ill-grown oaks, and hard walnut-trees, and that the trees having their roots always under water their fruits ripen very late. These reasons have not been unanswered; it is true that in the neighbourhood of fort Pontchartrain the lands have a mixture of sand, and that in the neighbouring forests there are bottoms almost constantly under water; however these very lands have produced wheat eighteen years successively without the least manure, and you have no great way to go to find the finest soil Women want sex Charlevoix the world.

With respect to woods, without going a great way from the fort, I have seen as I have been walking such as may vie with out noblest forests. As for what has been said that by making a settlement at the Narrows, we should bring the fur trade too much within reach of the English; there is not a man in Canada who does not agree, that we can never succeed in hindering the Indians from carrying them their commodities, let them be settled where they will, and with all the precautions we can possibly take; except by causing them to find the same advantage in trading with us, as in the province of New York.

I have many more things to acquaint your grace of, but these discussions would carry me too far; we shall talk over the matter some day at our leisure. On the 7 th of June, which was the day after my arrival at the fort, Mons. Two days after they assembled in great s at the commandant's, who Women want sex Charlevoix desirous that I should be be present at this council, together with the officers of the garrison. Sasteratsi, whom we French call king of the Hurons, and who is in fact hereditary chief of the Tionnontatez, who are the true Hurons was also present on this occasion; but as he is still a minor he came only for form sake; his uncle who governs in his name, and who is called regent, spoke in quality of orator of the nation; now the honour of speaking in the name of the whole is generally given to some Huron when any of them happens to be of the council.

The first view of these assemblies gives you no great idea of the body; imagine to yourself madam, half a score savages almost stark naked with their hair disposed in as many different manners as their are different persons in the assembly, and all of them equally ridiculous; some with laced hats, all with pipes in their mouths and with the most unthinking faces.

It is besides a rare thing to hear any one utter so much as a single word in a quarter of an hour, or to hear any answer made even in a monosyllable; not the least mark of distinction, nor any respect paid to any person whatsoever. We should however be apt to change our opinion of them upon hearing the of their Women want sex Charlevoix. The business in debate on this occasion, related to two points which the governor general had very much at heart; the first was to persuade the three villages settled at the Narrows, to agree that no more brandy should be sold them, which had been expressly prohibited by the council of the marine.

The second was to engage all the nations to unite with the French, to destroy the Outagamies, commonly called Foxes, who had been favoured with an indemnity some years before, and who had begun their robberies anew. Monsieur de Tonti first caused to be repeated to them by his interpreters a few words, what he explained more at large in the first assembly, when the Huron orator made answer in the name of the three villages; he made no exordium but came at once to the point, he spoke a great while and with much gravity, pausing at each article to give time to the interpreters to explain in French what he had been saying in his own language.

His mien, the tone of his voice, and the manner of his delivery, though without any gestures or inflections of the body, appeared to me extremely noble and calculated to Women want sex Charlevoix, and what he said must have been very eloquent, since after being stript of all its ornaments in the mouth of the interpreter, who was only a man of common parts, we were all perfectly charmed with it; and I do assure you, madam, that had he continued to speak for two whole hours I could have heard him with the greatest pleasure.

Another proof of the beauty of his discourse came not from the interpreter is, that this man never could have dared to take upon him to tell us from himself all he said to us; I was even somewhat surprized at his boldness in repeating so faithfully as he did certain points which could not fail to be disagreeable to the commandant.

When the Huron orator had ended, Onanguice chief and orator of the Poutewatemies spoke in a few words, and after a very ingenious manner, to all that the other had more largely expatiated upon; concluding, to the same purpose, as he had done; the Outawais spoke not at all, but seemed to approve of what had been said by the others. The result was that the French might use their pleasure with respect to the selling of brandy to the Indians; but they had done well had they never supplied them with any; and it is impossible to imagine any thing stronger than what the Huron orator had said whilst he was laying open the disorders occasioned by this beverage, and the mischiefs it had done to all the Indian nations in general.

The most zealous missionary could not have said more; he added however that they were now so much accustomed to it that they could no longer be without it; by which it was easy to guess that should the French refuse them, they would certainly have recourse to the English: that with respect to the war with the Outegamies nothing could be determined, except in a general council of all the nations who acknowledge Ononthio, so the Indians call the French king for their father; that no doubt they would all agree in thinking the war necessary, but that they would with great difficulty be brought to place any confidence in the French, who after having once before united them to assist in exterminating the common enemy, had granted them peace without ever consulting with their allies, and without its being possible to find out any reason for such a proceeding.

The day after I visited the two Indian towns near the fort; I began with that of the Hurons where I found all the matrons, and amongst them the grand-mother of Sasteratsi in much affliction for being so long deprived of every spiritual succour; many circumstances which I learned at the same time confirmed me in the opinion I had before sometime adopted, that certain private interests were the sole obstacles to the desires of these good christians; it is to be hoped that the last orders of the council of the marine will remove all those obstacles; Monsieur de Tonti assured me he was going to set about it in an effectual manner.

Those who were my guides in this village assured me, that were it not for the Hurons the other Indians of the Narrows must die of hunger; this is certainly not the fault of the land where they are settled; were they to cultivate it ever so little they would find at least sufficient for their subsistance; fishing alone would supply them with a good part, and this exercise is far from being very laborious, but after having once tasted brandy they think only of amassing of furs to purchase wherewithal to intoxicate themselves. The Hurons who are wiser, more laborious and more accustomed to husbandry, being also endued with a greater share of foresight entertain more solid thoughts, and by means of their industry are in a condition not only to subsist without being beholden to any one, but also to furnish a supply to their neighbours; this however is not done entirely from sentiments of humanity, for we must by no means reckon amongst the of their good qualities that of disinterestedness.

I was still better received amongst the infidel Women want sex Charlevoix than amongst the christian Hurons; these Indians are the finest men in all Canada, and are besides of the sweetest natural temper, and have been always our good friends. Onanguice their chief treated me with a politeness which gave me full as high an opinion of his good sense as the discourse he had made in the council; he is a person of undoubted worth, and entirely in our interest.

As I was returning through a quarter of the Huron village, I perceived a of these Indians, who seemed much heated at play; I approached them and found that the game they were playing at was what they call the game of the platter; this is the game to which the Indians are addicted above all others, they sometimes lose their rest, and in some degree their very senses at it; they stake all they are worth, and several of them are known to continue at it till they have stript stark themselves naked and lost all their moveables in their cabbins; some have even been known to stake their liberty for a certain time; this circumstance proves beyond all doubt how passionately fond they are of it, there being no people in the universe more jealous of their liberty than our Indians.

The game of the platter or bones, is played between two persons only; each person has six or eight little bones, which I at first took for apricot stones, these being of the same size and shape; but upon viewing them nearer I found they had six unequal faces, the two largest of which are painted, the one black and the other of a straw colour; they fling them up in the air, striking at the same time against the ground or table with a hollow dish, in which they Women want sex Charlevoix contained, and which must first be made to spin around; when they have no dish they content themselves with throwing the bones up into the air with the hand; if all of them after falling to the ground present the same colour, the player wins five points, the party is forty, and the points won are discounted in proportion to the gains on his side; five bones of a colour give only one point for the first time, but the second the winner sweeps the board; any lower goes for nothing.

He who wins the party still continues to play; the loser yields his place to another who is named by the markers on the same side; for they take sides at the beginning of the game, so that a whole village is sometimes concerned in the party and even sometimes one village plays against another; each side chuse their own marker who retires when he pleases, which happens only when things do not go so well on his side.

At each throw that is played, especially if it be a decisive one, they make a prodigious shouting; the players seem possessed, and the spectators are scarce more masters of themselves; both make a thousand contorsions, address themselves to the bones, load the genii of the Women want sex Charlevoix party with imprecations, and the whole village rings with their howling; if all this is ineffectual to retrieve their ill-luck the losers are at liberty to put off the party till to-morrow, at the expence of a very slender repast to the assistants.

They then prepare to return to the combat, each invoking his tutelary genius and throwing in honour of him some tobacco into the fire; they implore of him above all things happy dreams: the moment day appears they fall to play, when if the losers take it into their head that the furniture of their cabbin is the cause of their ill-luck, they begin with changing it intirely; great parties generally last five or six days, and oftentimes the night occasions no interruption; however as all the spectators, as least such as are concerned in the game, are in such an agitation as to be transported out of themselves to such a degree that they quarrel and fight, which never happens to the Hurons except on these occasions, or when they are drunk; we may easily guess whether when the party is ended, both do not stand sufficiently in need of rest.

It happens sometimes that these parties at play are prescribed by some of their physicians, or at the request of some sick person; a dream is often sufficient cause for either; this dream is always understood for a command of some genius, and then they prepare for the party with prodigious care; they assemble several different nights to make an essay, and to see who has the happiest hand at a throw; they consult their genius, they fast, and married persons observe the strictest continence and all to obtain a favourable dream; every morning they relate those they have had, and make a collection of such things of which they happen to have dreamed, and which they imagine able to bring good luck to their side, which they put into little bags and carry about with them.

If any one has the reputation of being fortunate, that is according to the notions of these people, of having a more fortunate genius, or one that is more inclined to do good, they never fail to make him approach him who holds the platter; they go sometimes to seek this person at a great distance, and if through old age or some infirmity he is unable to walk they carry him on their shoulders. They have often pressed the missionaries to be present at these games, from a persuasion that their tutelar genii are more powerful than all others.

It happened one day in a Huron village that a sick woman having caused one of their priests to be called, who are also their physicians, this quack prescribed for her the game of the platter, and appointed a village different from his own to play; she immediately sent to ask permission of the chief of this village; this was granted, the party was played and the game being ended, the patient returned the players a great many thanks for the cure, which as she said they had procured for her; so far however from being better she was on the contrary much worse, but they are obliged to seem satisfied even when they have least cause to be so.

The resentment of this woman and of her relations fell upon the missionaries for refusing to be present at the party, notwithstanding all the solicitations that had been made to them for this purpose, and from their chagrin at the little complaisance they shewed on this occasion, they reproached them with saying, that ever since their arrival in the country, the genii of the Indians had had no longer any power; the missionaries took advantage of this confession to shew these infidels the weakness of their divinities, and the superiority of the God of the christians; but as it seldom happens on such occasions that people are disposed to hear reason, these barbarians answered coolly, "You have your gods and we have ours, only it is our misfortune that ours are the least powerful of the two.

The Narrows is one of the countries where a botanist might make the greatest Women want sex Charlevoix discoveries.

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I have already observed that all Canada produces vast of simple of sovereign virtue; it is not doubted that the snows contribute much to this, but there is in it besides such a variety of soil, which ed to the mildness of the climate, and the ease with which the sun warms this country which is more open than the rest, gives ground to believe that the plants have more virtue in this than in any other part of it.

Women want sex Charlevoix

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