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Jesus is looking for you as one looks for a lost son or daughter. Let Him find you. Fall into His arms. His love is fierce and trustworthy. Let Him redeem, restore, and define you. We bring our self, our sin, pain, confidence, preferences, and ideals to Him—the whole tangled ball—and He begins the process of transformation. Everyone who walks with Christ has been where you are, looking for faithful love and lasting truth.

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He is our King and Center, whose desire is that we experience the beauty, joy, and fullness of all that life in Him has to offer. We are happy to be His people and we gladly owe Him our lives. We deeply regret that throughout history, both secular society and the Church at large have often participated in, been silent about, or purposefully ignored ificant injustices against those who identify as LGBTQ.

You are beloved by the Lord. In both our private conversations and public discourse, we want to express the lovingkindness that God has for all people. Though we may disagree on what is best for individuals and society, and are often at odds over pieces of legislation, those who identify as LGBTQ can rightly expect that you are important and valuable to us. Wherever we can be faithful to our convictions and still find common ground, that is our Woman wants sex Bethel. It tells us who God is, who we are, and what our purpose is.

We believe that the God of the Bible is a Woman wants sex Bethel and loving Father who wants the very best for humanity—and He is that best. As His sons and daughters, we are created to live in a deeply satisfying and loving connection with God and others.

But God had a plan to heal creation through His self-giving love. As we put our trust in Jesus, we die to self and become alive in Christ Rom. Believers are a new creation 2 Cor. Knowing and being known by God in Christ is the meaning of life. Male and Female Are Fundamental and Essential Distinctions From the very beginning God has been socializing humanity, teaching us who we are, what our role is, and how to be just and good like Him. When He created the ancient society of the Jewish people, He gave them essential moral obligations concerning how to treat Him and each other—a foundation that would teach them to protect and thereby empower one another to thrive.

Jesus interpreted and clarified the teachings of the Old Testament, and His instruction went beyond our actions to the very posture of our hearts. He taught us how to love God, ourselves, our neighbors, our bodies, and even our enemies. We seek to ground our standards and view of humanity and sexuality in the nature of God, the teaching, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and the clarity of Scripture.

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The different, yet necessary and complementary natures of masculinity and femininity were necessary to reveal something about the nature of God. The egalitarian, non-hierarchical, communal necessity of the other beautifully illustrates the reality of God as one complex being—Son, Father, and Holy Spirit. Every nucleated cell—trillions of them in a human body—contains either a male or female sex chromosome set.

Amazingly, every system of the male and female body functions perfectly and effectively independent of the other—except our reproductive systems. A man and a woman are essential in order to have children. Male and female bodies have been created in such a way that future generations depend upon how our bodies complement each other.

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We therefore do not look to our desires, attractions, experiences, or inner world to find identity as male or female as a starting point; we look at biology. One may not like the starting point, or may wish it was different, but our chromosomal reality and anatomy at birth—which are not merely ased, but observed and scientifically provable—are defining.

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No matter how many definitions are added to human identity, they are all variants, responses, or reactions to the two sexes. To articulate reality in other ways does not change this fundamental truth. Subjective viewpoints on gender fracture our ability to connect and communicate with one another and distort how we socialize our children. We believe that God knew exactly what He was doing when He created our sexuality and called it good. We seek to live in full agreement with His original de while advocating for respectful and excellent medical and emotional healthcare as appropriate for the very small fraction of people born with disorders of sexual development and their parents.

And so, the incarnation powerfully tells us that God cherishes our physical bodies—enough that He would reveal Himself through one. Just the opposite: the body is instrumental in our growth and maturity 1 Cor. Our bodies are a beautiful way of experiencing the Lord and glorifying Him. Through the incarnation and resurrection, Jesus has redeemed our body, soul, and spirit as an integrated whole that enables us to know God, others, and ourselves, and ultimately reveal and glorify Him.

God made us sexual beings before sin was a factor. The Bible consistently addresses the complexity of our sexuality as a result of our sin. God knows that the development of our sexuality is dependent on our family, community, and culture. Human sexuality has few natural limitations; one may act sexually with anyone or anything and in any setting if we are not socialized about what is healthy and expected. Knowing this, God has taught us His values.

As a model for all of humanity, God socialized Israel in the proper and healthy expression of sex. Just as any other pleasure in life, like rest, work, eating, or alcohol, sex can be wonderful or destructive. God taught us how to socialize one another and steward the gift of sex to create healthy people and societies. The refusal to acknowledge and honor God le to disconnection from reality. Our thoughts, emotions, and wills become distorted and unreliable guides in such a way that we worship created things rather than worshipping the Creator Rom.

God deeply values freedom because it is part of Woman wants sex Bethel made in His image and is necessary if we are to truly love and become like Christ. Worshipping things other than Woman wants sex Bethel eventually le to lust—the enshrinement of desire as the focus of life—and it is idolatry.

God takes the gifts of free will and love very seriously and will not coerce devotion. They have suppressed and distorted something built into the fabric of creation, and this is not healthy Rom. Jesus Speaks to Questions on Sex, Gender, Singleness, and Marriage Jesus teaches His followers a sexual ethic that is fundamentally different from modern society—that we are more than our desires, questioning, or attractions. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has ed together, let no one separate. He was actually arguing against divorce and remarriage in the passage.

The only other path Jesus advocated was to remain single and celibate Mat. Jesus believed this to be a calling, knowing that most would marry. Paul speaks of a gift a grace from God to be married or single. Even more profoundly, Jesus expected His followers to not cultivate lust Mat. We monetize and normalize lust; He forbade it.

Desire is normal and healthy; lust is self-medicating and destructive. Other people are seen as something to be collected, possessed, consumed, and discarded. But Jesus is creating an extended family of nobilty and safety, where people resist sexualizing each other, where they protect each other, and where sex is a part of life but not the meaning or the center of it. Current culture—built on self, money, and power—may not embrace this, but believers choose everyday to trust and follow Him as He changes us and the world one person at a time.

We acknowledge that we and the greater global Church have often failed to live up to this standard and followed the heart and teaching of Jesus in creating safe and noble communities.

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The Church has often behaved hypocritically, or acted as though none of us fail or struggle in these areas, and we seek forgiveness and grace to grow and embrace the standard Christ has called us to. Freedom with Jesus Jesus consistently saw the beauty and worth in people, regardless of how society, religious elites, and influencers perceived them. His words instilled an awareness of personal dignity and self-worth that caused people to marvel over who God is and who they were to Him.

He modeled perfect love and unflinching truth. To the humble He was kind, to the proud He was fierce; He did whatever love demanded to move the human heart to think like God does. His compassion, truth, death, and resurrection changed the world. No one was more loving and kind than Jesus. He never required people to have it all together in order to follow Him, and He knew that His followers would take time to grow and become more like Him along the way.

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His grace draws us into a new way of living, sometimes all at once and other times, step-by-step. As Christians, we spend our entire lives discovering the beauty of Jesus, increasingly finding that no cost is too great to be fully engaged in His presence. We learn to surrender and grow, prioritizing connection to Him. Even though we face challenges and temptations, God promises to help us overcome if we will trust and keep following Him 1 Cor.

But we remind ourselves that human beings are more than their socialization and desires. Paul had to teach new Gentile believers of the Roman empire a radically different sexual identity and ethic than the dehumanizing one of their society. Instead, we reach for grace because He is faithful and experienced temptation just as we do Heb.

In all areas of life, we are on a journey of giving our whole lives to Jesus—our victories and failures—so that we can walk in His freedom, hope, and peace. We trade in the old labels and identities that we have applied to ourselves, and joyfully receive a new identity as His sons or daughters John We believe that God deed us with a free will and deeply values our ability to respond to His invitation. Jesus never forced people to follow Him or punished them into change, but invited them to enter into a new way of life.

As His followers, we are called to treat all people in the same way, with the utmost Woman wants sex Bethel, dignity, compassion, and love, even while adamantly disagreeing with them. We therefore reject any and all forms of physical violence, force, manipulation, shame, or humiliation in any kind of therapy as ineffective and abusive.

Instead, we listen. We ask questions. We share our stories. We love each other. We embrace freedom and voluntary growth. We create an environment of authenticity and grace where all people can pursue and receive the freedom that Jesus died to give us.

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We strongly advocate for safe and fair access to resources that will assist people in their personal journeys as they navigate their self-understanding including: religious and secular counseling, biblical teaching, loving parents and guardians who are empowered to have meaningful conversation and influence, wise teachers, role models and mentors, respectful intellectual conversation, and healthy communities where all individuals can find safe places to discuss these sacred issues of faith, identity, human sexuality, and culture.

God uses these pathways of connection to make us whole. There are many brothers Woman wants sex Bethel sisters in the Church who have identified as LGBTQ who, with the sort of freedom and interactions mentioned above, no longer understand themselves in those terms. It is possible to move into and out of LGBTQ identifications, and therefore freedom and access to resources should be protected, even if that outcome is to never again identify as LGBTQ.

Here at Bethel Church we contend together for the fullness of heaven to manifest among us, and so we are seeing bodies healed, families restored, and broken hearts made whole. We serve a God for whom nothing is impossible and whose power draws us into His wonderful righteousness. God loves and accepts all people as they are as they come to Him, and invites them to experience the wonder of His Kingdom and the extravagance of His transformative love. Therefore, He draws us to embrace a new life offered through Jesus so that we may please Him and enjoy Him forever.

Nothing is impossible, so a huge part of our life is deed around taking risk. Everything we'll ever need was dealt with at the cross, so we must come to a place of trusting Him in everything. Top Search. Our Core Values. .

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