Too much time and no friends

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For most people, friendship seems to come easy; for some of us, making a single friend can feel like an entire endeavor.

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Social media can be your worst enemy if you find it difficult making friends—evidence of gatherings, parties, and friends going out and just having a good time is all around. Eventually, you end up thinking the problem is with you, and that might just be the case. The sad truth is that many people are alone and feeling the effects of that loneliness on a daily basis. Young adults, who have just moved from a small town to a big city to start their life might also suffer from this same loneliness.

Even if you feel like nobody likes youbelieving that you are worthy of such attention and love is a great way to stay positive. All humans are. I know from experience how lonely it can be when you have very few friends. The bright side though is that it gives you the opportunity to do something that will benefit you for a lifetime — practicing self love.

Society conditions us to try and find ourselves in our relationships with others. What I now know is that these limiting beliefs were stopping me from having a positive relationship with myself. I was chasing an illusion that was leading me to loneliness.

He has supported thousands of people for over 25 years to break through social programming so they can rebuild the relationships they have with themselves. Trust yourself. Bet on yourself.

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If you do this, you will be opening yourself to be really loved. If these words resonate with you, please do go and check out our free masterclass. Ideapod is all about supporting you in taking your power back from Too much time and no friends system that so often takes it away. The first and biggest reason why you might not be making any friends is you. While you might not be knowingly stopping yourself from befriending new people, it could be the little voices inside of you doing all the dirty work.

And some of these behaviors could be turning people off from becoming your real friends. For example, you might have been raised as an independent individual, meaning you lack the basic desires to be around people that others have. Observe your actions and responses, and critically ask yourself if you could be behaving more positively.

Most people actually like making new friends. But there needs to be a certain prerequisite: they need to know that you want to be their friend as well. And you could be giving this vibe off without even knowing it. Taking responsibility for your life is the most important attribute you can possess. Check out our no-no-nonsense guide to taking responsibility here. Making friends might come naturally to some, but if you struggle to make new friends in college or at work, then the problem might be a lack of social skills.

For example—do you often engage in small talk, or are you the type to respond with short and blunt answers that lead to no conversation? Do you accept meaningless invitations to go out and have an after-work drink, or do you decline every single time? These might be simple and small things, but few relationships start with a bang.

What better way to make friends than to ensure that you have some personal common ground with them? Find the next convention related to your interest, or even better, an online forum that talks about it. While many things in life are more fun when there are two people plugging away at things, solo projects are often the source of much inspiration and motivation for people.

For example, if you have always wanted to run but never had the time, now might be a good time to start working toward that goal.

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You might find someone or a group of friends that you think fit your criteria for friendship perfectly. So it might be time to let go. Let me explain why getting angry can actually be incredibly powerful for those who are lonely or not living their best lives.

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Being angry can actually be a powerful force for good in your life — as long as you harness it properly. To learn how to do this watch our free masterclass on turning anger into your ally. Your natural feelings of anger will become a powerful force that enhances your personal power, rather than making you feel weak in life. You can view the free masterclass here. He even sings shamanic songs and bangs his drums on occasion.

He has interpreted and communicated it for people like me and you. Friendship should be more about finding people you can comfortably drink with at the bar. How do you do that? Introduce your different friends to each other. Find a common ground where they can bond—it can be anything as simple as a joke or as complicated as a niche interest—and let the magic happen itself. Some people have hundreds of friends, but no one who would stand by them through the toughest times.

Pick up a book, go to the movies, order some take out, take yourself shopping, go on a road trip, listen to your favourite music. Being alone is hard for a lot of people because we Too much time and no friends conditioned to believe that entertainment is something that should happen in pairs or groups.

As children, we were told to go play with strangers and make friends and to not sit in our rooms by ourselves all day. Want people to like you? Show up when you say you will show up. If you find yourself with copious amounts of time on your hands and you are feeling alone, write about it. Doing so will make you feel in control of your life. It sucks to feel lonely, but it also sucks to feel lonely and feel like you have no control over the situation.

Writing and journaling about your thoughts and feelings will help you see that things are not as bad as you originally thought and who knows what might come from a little writing session! There is power in s and when you build in commonality through taking a class, you automatically have something you can talk about outside the class.

Ask a fellow student or colleague to you for coffee after the class to talk about the thing you are making, doing, eating, selling — whatever it is.

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Book clubs are all the rage and people love coming together to talk about what they got out of a certain book or character. If you run a business, you can start a book club for business books. If you like cooking, you can try a recipe club. Tell someone you like their shirt, shoes, car, hair, face.

People are so weighed down with life these days that we rarely look up from our phones. You could be that person. Being nice to people gets you a long way in life and can help you grow your circle of friends easier and faster than just staring at your phone. If you want to really technical, you could set a target for how many new friends you would like to have: maybe you just moved to a new city and you have exactly zero friends. So figure out how many people you would like to be able to enjoy in your life, and think about how much time you have to dedicate to these people, and set about finding people to fill the role of friend.

With everyone looking at their phones and not the people in front of them, this might be harder than you realize but look for the people who are also looking for people to smile at and smile at them. There are other adults out there that are looking for someone to be friends with, too.

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You can take friend-finding to a whole other level by asking your existing friends to hook you up with their friends. Say hello, tell them where you are from, that you just moved to the area and that you are looking to meet some new people. It might feel weird at first, but your neighbors might really appreciate that you took the time to introduce yourself.

Nobody does it anymore! If meeting people is what you really want to do, get out and go meet people. And if you feel like nobody is going to want to hang out with yougo somewhere where lots of people are hanging out alone, like the park, and see how people can enjoy their own company. Getting out of the house is a great first step in opening yourself up to the possibility of friendship. But you need to be able to be found by potential friends. Recognize these behaviors and patterns in yourself and start working to put them to bed.

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Too much time and no friends

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