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In many cases it is due to impure blood, whwn cannot give the digestive organs the stimulus necessary fur the proper performance o their functions. Thousands know by experience that Hood '8 Sarsaparillarestoresappetite and -would advise you to pive it a trial this season.

It originated in the successful prescription of b famous physician. Take Hood's Pills if you hanpeu' o need a laxative they don't gripe. At Philadelphia St. Louis 12, Philadelphia 10, 10 innings. At Cleveland New York G. Clevl land 3. At Detroit Detroit 5, Philadelphia?. At St. Louis Boston 5, St. Louis Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Lowell, Mass.

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I suffered for three years and was perfectly miserable until a friend was telling me to try Lvdia E. Pinkham's V e g o -1 table Compound and I found it a wonder- ful medicine. I can now do twice as much work and.! You can nsa these i facts as a testimonial. Thrall Beshet, 40 Chestnut St. Why women will continue to suffer so long is more than we can understand, when they can find health in Lydia E.

Pinkham's Vegetable Compound! For forty years it has been the standard remedy for female ills, and has restored the health of thousands of women who have been troubled with such ail-Pionts as displacements, inflammation,! Ulceration, irregularities, etc. Medicine to. Your letter will 6e. Vain Acquisition. He who possesses worth and Intel-' llgence, who Is Just, speaks the truth, Und does what Is his own business, lilm the world will hold dear. Dliam-kiapudo, u " New British Wheats.

Sir Dnnlel Morris stated at the last meeting of the British association that ; as a result of the recent plnnt-breed- Ing work done by Bitten, at Cam-Abridge, new wheats have been grown. The average yield In England ,ia 32 bushels per acre.

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Besides being more productive, the new wheats are In India, the Pusa wheats, developed by the Howards, will soon be grown over ah area of 5, 'acres, and are expected to Increase the valuo of the wheat crop In India. Scientific American. Of the 19 counties of western Washington 18 are accessible to seagoing vessels, according to Agnes Lockhurt Hughes, in Everybody's.

Hence the Robert G. Seymour, a floating church, operated on Puget sound by Iter. Wll-bert R. Howell and his wife. During the four years that the Robert G. Seymour has been In operation It has traveled on an average of 3, miles a year, carrying religion to Island county and up Hood eanal. It regularly visits 11 ports and as many Jogging comps, bringing' religion to liosie who cannot seek It The boat gone often for a month at a time, ind often has weathered some of the toughest gales ever experienced on the sound.

Not Infrequently, after a sermon delivered aboard the gospel ship, or on shore, some woman will come forward with a question on her lips regnrdlngwhat lies near her heart relative to the latest style In dresses or hats, and always an answer Is forthcoming for the good pilot never omits to Include fashion books among bis hymnals.

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One woman acknowledged that a sermon preached recently by the captain of the Gospel boat was the first she had heard In a dozen years. This Is simply a place with' the familiar bar and brass rail, where soft drinks and literature are to be dispensed together. Thus the mental exhilaration to be derived from the In test novel will satisfy Rich women Montpelier Vermont nsa accustomed to the cocktail and give ginger ale or Ice cream soda a fillip it hns not hitherto had.

The Booklovers tavern may draw book purchasers, though Its superiority ta. But can It be expected that thirsts will be assuaged In this way? And will those who seek Inebriation between covers be able to pay the price?

It Is obvious, too, that the kind of literature dispensed over the bar will have to be very carefully guarded. Many of our poets were a roistering lot, who did not hesitate to celebrate the charms of the Demon Rum, Aviators' Qualification. In England airmen were apt to be anient hunters of the fox and to have what horsemen call "hands"r a quality which. And, what will be shocking to some folk, to keep the aviator in best erudition for his work and for enduring its terrible stresses, he seemed, according to' these authorities, to need "a really riotous evening at leust once or twice a month.

The older men were found to use alcohol freely, but the younger ones required no such stimulants, and they all avoided excess, being well aware that for them the penalty was sudden death. Marriage deteriorated the aviator by increasing his sense of personal responsibility for others.

Courage he had, of course, and a touch of recklessness is not undesirable from the standpoint of achievement In war. Machinery In Japan. In the United States furnished 20 per cent i of the, total Imports of machinery; In 80 per cent Japan's exports. Exports Include electrical ' machinery, spinning and weaving machinery, lathes and print-n machinery.

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Ul-lol hl-leo! French Coal Mining. Trench coal miners, replying to the suggestion 'that they work more than elj;lit hours B dny declnre that the only remedy Is the Improvement of mining machinery' on American lines. They state that an American miner by using iiiechiinlcul devices can dig out thirty. Death valley, once the terror of the traveler in the Southwest and the last resting place of many early-day prospectors, Is being made safe for travel both day and night.

This erstwhile barrier to human progress has been conquered by the automobile. Its trackless' waste of sand has been -posted. Not content with merely making the desert easy to cross for travelers to daylight, the Automobile Club of Southern California Is going farther and Is placing s In such manner that the rays of the headlights from passing machines will fall upon them and guide the night tourist as safely and surely as the day traveler.

The Automobile club also will post all lateral routes of the famous Death valley district. Included In the posting being done will be a complete Rich women Montpelier Vermont nsa of road s directing tourists to picturesque Palm canyon, on the edge of the desert one of the most unique spots In the world.

This oasis In the sandy wastes Is to be made a national monument by the government. Its distinctive feature Is the presence of ancient palms of weird beauty, standing In straight rows, apparently planted by the hand of man, but antedating history of the first human beings in this section. Newspaper spaee may mean something else. It reminds me Rich women Montpelier Vermont nsa a story.

The entertainment was staged in the barn, and it went well, almost too welt The comedian, in fact had hardly got under way when the barn began to shake with shouts of laughter. Soon the laughter boenme so uproarious that the rich man rose and said: " 'Friends, I know how difficult H Is to restrain our mirth when Mr.

Back-chat Is on the stage, but really, you know, If we don't hold ourselves In Just a little the performance will hardly be over by midnight. Backchat we're langhln' at ,but somebody left the door open and all the pigs have got In, and they're nearly pushln 'us off our seats. Last spring a pair of blue Jays nested In the crotch of a maple Just below my study window. What a time they had of nest building! The female Insisted on building In a crotch below, while the male thought a crotch higher up afforded a more advantageous loea-cation. They talked and scolded, building first In one place then In the other.

In the end the female had her way, and the makeshift bunch of twigs and brush was collected. The birds were silent for weeks, tending strictly to family cares; the half of which the male bii;d assumed without a murmur or complaint All summer long they were silent but toward fall they ed their voices with those of the other Jays In the neighborhood. It was a new slant on blue Jay methods, and hereafter I shall regard the birds with a wee bit more appreciation. Christian Science Monitor. Poor Father.

Marian Is eleven yenrs old and thinks that she Is old enough to stop having her hair bobbed and let It grow out and be braided as do the other little girls In her class. But her moth er haa different Ideas. So, of course, there Is an argument every time hair cutting time arrives.

Last time mother brought forth a new argument "I want your hair to be pretty and thick when you grow tip," she sold, "and there is nothing which mukes your hair grow better thnn to cut it often.

Rich women Montpelier Vermont nsa

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