My heart needs passion

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Jump to. But as I look into the future, is there a reliable procedure to know the path that God wants me to take? Is there a way, short of a burning bush, a person can sort through the opportunities for giving, serving, working that are presented to us? The fact is that the very things we dream about may have been placed there by God Himself. I call those desires passions—deep, heart-felt responses to a need or opportunity. Passion is the God-given ability to respond so powerfully to something that it causes us to feel, pray and move. Passion is the birthplace of a dream, the trailhead of a new path God calls us to follow.

Far from something we should mistrust, our deep desires for things that are noble, good, helpful, and right must be heeded if we want to know our destiny.

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Passion gives us direction. It provides a nozzle for our energy. It allow us to say yes with conviction and no without guilt. Passion insures resolve. When we have latched onto what God wants us to do, we can stand a lot of pain and delayed gratification along the way.

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The is found in book of Nehemiah. On an ordinary night in December of B. Passions come providentially. God brought Nehemiah the information he needed to discover his destiny. We can count on God to be more concerned about us knowing His will than we are. He is at work in our hearts and behind the scenes of our lives orchestrating events and directing people, to providentially bring us to the thing He wants us to do. That's why exposing our children to as many good things as possible is so important. While important for children, it's equally critical for adults.

Watching the news, listening to a speaker, reading a book, travel, all expose us to opportunities and needs to which God could want us to respond. Passions come naturally. No burning bush, no angelic chorus, no thunderous announcement. The news about Jerusalem came to Nehemiah in the normal commerce of human communication. This is the way God My heart needs passion to most of us--through the everyday events of our lives.

Passions come emotionally. When a need or opportunity comes in contact with a God prepared heart, passion will be ignite. Have you ever wondered why a friend is gets so agitated about an issue that you could care less about?

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It may be that God wants your friend to do something that he hasn't called you to spend time on. Passions come fearfully. In fact fear will often be the indication that a God-size issue has gotten hold of our heart. The Bible is filled with reluctant heroes who had a glimpse of the size of the task before they added in the God factor.

Not feeling very passionate these days? Preoccupation with greed. Before I can be passionate and dream, I need to take time to refresh myself. God has something He wants to burn in your heart. Dare to feel the passion of His will!

What do I weep about? When I lie awake at night, what do I think about? What do I pound the table about? If I could meet any need in the world, had every resource necessary and knew I could not fail, what opportunity would I seize? What things deeply concern me? What are the greatest opportunities in my family life?

My workplace? My church? My community? My country? My world? Identify one passion in your life. Seek God about how and when to act on it. Who knows where it will lead. Jump to Close Menu. Search form Search. Home About Events Contact Donate. We help Christians close the gap between Sunday worship and Monday work.

Pay Attention to Those Desires in your Heart. Roadblocks to Passion Not feeling very passionate these days? To uncover your passions, ask yourself these questions: 1. What issues, needs, opportunities, activities, ideas really motivate me and give me energy? Do This One Thing Identify one passion in your life. Channel s : Calling and Career. Media: Original Content. Tags: Passions My heart needs passion, NehemiahGod's willburnoutgreed. Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah. Your Plans: God's Plans.

My heart needs passion

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