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I'm a twenty-something more-or-less lesbian in an East Coast city. I'm primarily into women, and I'm only interested in relationships with women, but I'm sometimes attracted to men and have enjoyed sex with men in the past.

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For various reasons, I decided a few years ago not to pursue physical stuff with men anymore and I publicly identify as a lesbian. He's something, single, straight, and we've hung out a few times since COVID only outside, and while socially distanced. As far as work goes, neither of us has a management role, we're in different departments, and we rarely interact professionally. So, hypothetically, the coworker part wouldn't be an ethical issue if we were to get involved. But I have no idea how to broach this subject. He's a respectful person and we work for a very progressive organization, so he's not going to flirt with me since I identify as gay.

I don't know how to bring up in casual conversation that I sometimes like sleeping with men, Dan, and my usual approach to flirting involves a lot of casual physical contact, which obviously isn't possible right now. What should I do?

Should I just let this go? Even though we don't work closely together, there's obviously the potential for professional issues if feelings got hurt, and celibacy is obviously a responsible option during this pandemic. But COVID lockdowns and restrictions are going to continue and he and I seem well enough suited to keep each other company.

I was single and celibate for a while before the pandemic and am feeling desperate to touch another human being. If it's not a terrible idea, how do I Madison fuck women with him without endangering public health, messing up our friendship, or making our work situation incredibly awkward in the event that he's not into me?

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Although they do sometimes end in divorce. People who find themselves attracted to coworkers need to be thoughtful about power dynamics, of course, and cognizant of company policies where workplace romance is concerned.

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And it sounds like you are being thoughtful and it doesn't sound like either of you have power over each other and are unlikely to ever be in positions of power over each other. In other words, your heart is lesbian but your pussy is bi.

For while awkwardness can't be avoided, stupid and unnecessary drama certainly can. And even if your hunch is correct — even if your dickful thinking is spot-on and that one lesbian you know does wanna fuck you — being disrespectful enough to make the first move instantly disqualifies both you and your dick.

This is a letter from a gay guy. If one of my regular kinky playmate friends were to gag and hood me and then fuck me while wearing a condom, would that reasonably be expected to prevent COVID transmission? And that — inhaling what other people are exhaling — is the risk we all need to avoid right now.

And while COVID has been found in semen, the jury is still out on whether semen presents a ificant risk of Madison fuck women. Unless a dude shoots so hard his semen is aerosolized and his sex partners are in danger of inhaling his spunk into their lungs. But no kissing before the hood goes on. Please settle a debate with my "friend.

My "friend" holds the delusional belief that the clever names are created by the letter writers themselves.

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Please settle this with a confirmation that I am correct. A million or so years ago I began shortening -offs created by the letter writers — I began making acronyms out of them — to cut my word count and save space. Readers noticed what I was doing and began creating -offs that, when acronymized, became words that playfully referenced their questions.

I would say I come up with roughly half the -offs that appear in the column, FRIEND, which means you and your friend are both right.

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