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Thank you, Elpida. And I very much look forward to continuing this collaboration together over the next few years. And I had very good discussions last week with Amazon Web Services, which powers much of the back end of the Greek system, including travel. And I am really delighted to see so much high level support from so many different sectors, continuing to strengthen this really important relationship between Greece and the United States.

The history, the culture, the mainland, the Peloponnese, Zagoria — you could really spend a lifetime before you have absorbed all that this country has to offer. These are people who really embody the Greek principle of philoxenia. In June, when my children came from the United States on one of these direct flights to visit us, we went for the first time to Amorgos, which is as all of you know a relatively undeveloped, traditional, simple isolated island.

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And we had the opportunity to stay in a very traditional, s style Greek family-owned hotel called the Lakki Village. They grew up in that part of the island in Aegiali at a time when there was no paved road to the chora. They had a father who insisted that each of them come to live in Athens with a relative, when they were in school age so that they can learn English. In fact, one of the sons is an American citizen because he was born when one of the sisters was living in New Jersey in the s.

The hardest part of their job is marketing themselves, getting into global markets and competing at that level. But Agapi has now been partnering with big American brands like Marriot, Starwood, and we featured her as a great example of success.

I know from her experience, cooperating with these big American companies has given her the ability to access more markets, to access a higher level of clientele, and also to get the know-how that she needs to compete in a very competitive global marketplace. And obviously that is going to be part of the story in the years ahead, taking this unique and incredibly competitive and compelling Greek tourism product and helping people to understand that there is more to Greece than just the Cycladic islands that everybody sees on their postcards.

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I also vividly remember when we rolled out Grow Greek Tourism in with a special focus to begin with in Thessaloniki, the pressure that was coming from politicians from other parts of the country to broaden to cover their regions. President Biden and the United States have been clear to our commitment to the alliance with Greece, our desire to partner with the Greek government, to see that we all emerge successfully and safely from this pandemic experience — as Minister Theocharis put it, the mother of all pandemics — and that we do so in a way that continues to build and deepen those people-to-people ties.

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I know that Minister Theocharis has seen continued interest from American companies, not just our airlines, also our cruise companies. There are a lot of American cruisers coming to Greece this summer.

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And then we have so many of our American brands that continue to grow their presence here — Hyatt, Starwood, Avis — all American Larger woman moving to Greece that I have seen during my tenure, growing their commitment to work in Greece and helping to grow the Greek tourism industry. We want to make sure that Greek women are part of that story, are able to take advantage of the tools and the empowerment they need to take full advantage. Cindy was just up in Ioannina for Code Girls, which is one of my very favorite projects.

We also have another project called FEMpowerment with Regeneration, which is focused on employability skills. I will always remember one of the years when we run our Agora in Thessaloniki, we had a coding clinic that was run by a 14 year-old young man. He was there the same time Prime Minister Mitsotakis and I were walking through. At that point Kyriakos Mitsotakis was leader of the opposition. We both were blown away by this kid who was instructing people 10 years older on how to learn coding skills.

Your definition of old changes as you get older I have found. Thank you to all of the partners who are working with you for your investment in the future of this important part of Greece, but also thank you for the partnership with the Embassy which we are very proud of. Efcharisto poli. Footer Disclaimer This is the official website of the U. Embassy in Greece. External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein.

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Larger woman moving to Greece

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