I want a women thtat has curvs

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She would often pad her clothing so that she looked like she had a fat stomach, hips, and butt! They were more comfortable with and wanted women with curves, and lots of them! Here, the perfect woman has little or no curves or any form of fat on her body.

This standard is much like the kind of woman I was until I conceived and had my. No wonder my American ex-husband was crazy about my body me! I have undulating curves everywhere—belly, hips, arms. As my body changed over the years, a part of me was delighted.

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I could now gleefully tell mom, "I'm fat!! Here in the US, my curves are not considered a success story.

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American culture made me miss my former self—until I started questioning why my looks should dictate my value in either context. I began to ask what my curves or lack of them had to do with fulfilling God's purpose for my life. I started paying attention to what women did with their bodies. Soon, I realized that what we do with our bodies is more relevant and impactful for God's kingdom than what our bodies look like.

In American culture, describing a woman as a person of integrity, character, or in possession of any other non-physical virtue is often another way of saying she is unattractive. Samuel the prophet also judged people according to the world's standard before God changed his perspective. When Samuel went looking for the next king of Israel among Jesse's sons, Eliab caught his eye, because he was handsome and tall. But God wasn't impressed with Eliab's appearance. He cared far more for what was in his heart:.

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The Lord does not look at the things people look at. God found and chose a man who would not have been considered attractive in that culture. But, he was a man after God's own heart Acts When God looks at humans, both male and female, he is more concerned with our ways than with our looks. Judging people by their appearances is often a gender-prejudiced practice. Men are rarely judged by their looks, but rather by their personalities, characters, achievements, and qualifications.

So much so that, in our culture, it is common to see a woman who fits the beauty ideal married to a man who would be judged unacceptable if he were female. Yet, a woman is so much more than her curves or lack of them! I also know many curvy women who I greatly admire and respect, because of who they are and what they do with their hands, with their time, with their abilities, talents, and resources. These women faithfully raise children and partner their husbands, and somehow, they still find time to serve in church ministry.

I also know delightful, curvaceous, unmarried women who love the Lord and love others.

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Curves or no curves, these women love deeply, give generously, and serve faithfully. The women who are considered unworthy because of their bodies are often the ones who volunteer to do the hardest work in the church. I honor and take care of my body as the temple of the living God. No harmful substance has ever found its way into my system. Sin is not allowed to live in my body. No, my curvy body is kept ready for the daily presence of the Holy Spirit.

My hands, although short and ungroomed, are the hands with which I've cooked and cleaned for the members of God's household for years, served as custodian for church property, managed my own property, and single-handedly raised a wonderful twelve year-old. My curvaceous body is the same body with which I serve God's people and my child, in sickness and in health.

The physical labor I've put into serving the Lord led to a bad back that sometimes requires me to be in a brace for months at a time. Many women, including myself, have little or no personal time to spend on meeting this cultural beauty standard. We work from dawn to dusk each day, fulfilling our quota to our families, the church, and the marketplace.

Our efforts hold home, workplace, church, and community together, but when people see us, they don't think about what we do or how we contribute to the world. Rather, they think about how much or how little we fit the worldly standard of attractive female. This is not to say that life is always better for the woman who meets the beauty standard, because she is still subjected to the male gaze. The serpent in the garden told the woman, "You're not enough until you eat do this. Satan is determined to reroute women from their God-ordained path. Satan is sending women off on a wild goose chase.

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Make no mistake, if women allow him to do so, they will find themselves ruled by the ever-changing demands of men's desires rather than by the clear and stable directives of God. God said it to Samuel, Peter seconded it. Women are more than their bodies or outward appearances.

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A woman is ificant in ways that mere physical appearance can never capture. From my rising to my laying down, the desire of my heart is not to be physically stunning. Truly, I only want to please my God. And somehow, I don't think that includes how curvaceous or how thin he wants me to look on any given day. Rather, he is concerned with how kind, generous, selfless, prayerful, and Christ-centered I can be each day. Being fat or thin has nothing to do with human worth.

Fat or thin? We must take care of our bodies, certainly, but our bodies are not to be shrines at which we direct our praise. And even outside of intimate relationships, I am certain that many women are crying out to be affirmed for who they are rather than what they look like.

Despite our fascination with the physical, we must remember that the human body is a temporal state. It is subject to limitations and decay. The unstoppable nature of aging and physical degeneration makes it unrealistic and unloving to judge women exclusively by their looks. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal" 2 Cor. Just as women must fix their gazes on the souls of men rather than on their bodies, men must learn to fix their gazes on the souls of women.

Seek to see that which is not readily visible to the naked eye, that which can I want a women thtat has curvs be seen when we look with our hearts rather than with our tainted, carnal vision. A wonderful, beautiful person who is deeply loved and valued by God. This is a forum for conversation and learning. Please keep dialogue constructive and engage respectfully with those who have different perspectives. We also encourage you to share our articles on Facebook and Twitter.

We need your help to spread the message of gender equality. The CBE Scroll accepts submissions. We encourage you to submit your work to the CBE Scroll at cbe cbeinternational. Advanced Search. Tip: to find an exact phrase or title, enclose it in quotation marks. Academic Article. Book Review. Featured Articles. What we do with our bodies is more relevant and impactful for God's kingdom than what our bodies look like. Yet, it is those non-physical virtues that God delights to see in us!

With that in mind, I asked myself, "What do I have to be ashamed of in this body? So the next time you see a woman, remember that her value should not be decided by her body. Social Sciences.

I want a women thtat has curvs

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