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She caused outrage as a wide-eyed teen in her very first film. As the actor returns in a spooky Agatha Christie, she relives life as a 60s icon — and the taunts she endured in the street.

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That was Britain inbefore London swung, before sex between men was decriminalised, before a black man and a white woman walking in Soho might pass unremarked. She played something cinema had never seen before: a bored teenager from the rough end of Salford. Jo was alienated from school, revolted by her boozy single mam and eternally suckered by worthless suitors. After falling in love with a sailor, played by Danquah, Jo gets pregnant.

He returns to sea, so she moves in with Geoffrey, a gay textiles student who becomes her surrogate co-parent. For this and other supposed outrages, A Taste of Honey was banned in several countries including New Zealand. But they did.

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Not only did Tushingham win a Bafta and a Golden Globe, her haunting looks became iconic. Delaney wrote A Taste of Honey when she was Tushingham was 17 when she played Jo, getting the part after replying to a newspaper ad. When the city started to swing, the former convent girl ed in, albeit mutedly.

She met Elizabeth Taylor, too, and hung out with pop stars. Across the decades, those eyes — now behind glasses as she sips a decaf latte in a demure dark suit — still captivate. She was the orphan beauty, Oliver Reed the rough-hewn beast whose leg needs amputating. The sex comedy is rather painful to watch now. Michael Crawford plays Colin, a sexually frustrated teacher who meets innocent but feisty northern girl Nancy, played by Tushingham. She helps him and his womanising drummer friend Tolen bring a huge new bed to their flat.

Worse is to come.

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She runs back to the flat and strips naked. I can understand why people were offended, though. One thing I learned from Richard was to play comedy straight. As the s dawned, roles started to dry up. Gamine was so last decade. She had two daughters, Aisha and Dodonna, by her first husband, the photographer Terry Bicknell. She later married Iraqi cinematographer Ousama Rawi, spending eight years in Canada with him before they separated.

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Tushingham then lived with German writer Hans-Heinrich Ziemann. Today she lives alone in London, near Aisha and her grandchildren. She is also starring in a thriller called The Owners, about two broke friends spurred by a sociopath to rob an elderly couple. They may or may not be witches, and they may or may not be killing off the lovers of adulterous antiques-seller Rufus Sewell. When I lived in Cornwall, there was a woman who knew about potions and read tea leaves and would deliver babies.

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Was she a witch? Is my character a witch?

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In her novel Nemesis, Miss Marple imagines staging the witch scene in Macbeth. They would look at each other rather slyly and you would feel a sort of menace just behind the ordinariness of them. They turn round as one and stare in his direction in an utterly sinister gesture. Has she ever played a witch in Macbeth? But the question goes unanswered.

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Racism has been airbrushed away but the leering, thwarted sexual mores of the time endure. Victory Girls would have told the story of a group of women working in a first world war munitions factory in Preston. They start a football team to raise money for the war effort, but get banned by the FA. Her eyes light up as she flashes that bewitching smile. Stuart Jeffries. Tue 28 Jan Topics Television A Taste of Honey interviews.

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I saw a ad said Taste Of Honey

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