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About 34 Grand Forks residents are scrambling to find a new place to live after city inspectors have deemed their apartments at the Ambassador Motel unsafe.

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A letter Boespflug and other city administrators sent to Kenton McGregor, who owns the motel property, details a long list of alleged violations of city code: old or missing smoke detectors, gas cans and Styrofoam insulation in the basement, broken door locks, egress windows sealed shut, mold and more. Floor boards are rotting, water leaks from the ceiling in places, and broken glass litters some parts of the hallway. The showerhead in her bathroom is duct taped to the wall and water comes out in a trickle, Baker reported.

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City administrators on Friday told McGregor that residents should move out immediately but established a hour grace period of sorts, which made Monday morning the deadline to leave, according to Boespflug. A city employee handed out several business cards for Sue Shirek, the head of Northlands Rescue Mission.

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Baker, who lives at the Ambassador with her adult daughter and 2-year-old son, managed to secure a room at a Grand Forks hotel through Thursday. Tenants, she said, need more time to find housing, and then to pack and move.

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Government and Politics Grand Forks residents pushed out of Ambassador Motel amid safety concerns, confusion Grand Forks city staff on Friday deemed the Ambassador Motel unsafe for occupancy and gave residents there 48 hours to leave. Still, confusion seemed to reign there on Monday -- residents were unsure when they needed to leave or where they'd go.

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I need head from anyone around Grand Forks place

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