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Hosting those events at home can get quite crowded and stressful. Start planning the details of your private Baton Rouge event early to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Scheduling well in advance is always a good idea, especially during the busy holiday season. Scheduling is also important for your guests. Everyone will want to be at your event once they hear the details, but the holidays are busy. Think of your own social and professional calendar during the holidays.

Free time is at a premium, so get your event on the calendar early to secure as many RSVPs as possible. The specific date and time often depends on the group and the purpose. A Can you host i need a good Baton rouge holiday party might take place shortly after work, so your colleagues can go straight from the office to the restaurant. A weekday evening may work if you plan to keep the meal low-key without a lot of alcohol or after-hours partying.

For a family holiday celebration, take into consideration out-of-town guests and when they can arrive. Include plenty of time to enjoy a leisurely meal and social time. Consider the activities you plan to do at the party when scheduling the time. The venue is one of the most important decisions when considering party rentals in Baton Rouge. The location sets the tone for the event. It instantly lets guests know if the event is a formal dinner or a casual get-together. The venue also affects the food. Choose a restaurant known for its quality culinary offerings, so your guests only have positive things to say about the experience.

Available seating is another consideration. Can the restaurant accommodate your party? Does it offer a private dining area to give your event an intimate feeling? Visiting the venue before booking is the easiest way to ensure the restaurant fits your needs. Visit the venue on the day and time you plan to host the party to get an idea of the crowd and ambiance at that time. Lunch on Monday afternoon often looks quite different from 7 pm on a Friday night. Invite a friend for a meal at the restaurant at the approximate time of your party to scope it out.

Look at the venue from the perspective of the host, asking yourself these questions to ensure a good fit:. When looking for event rentals in Baton Rouge, The Gregory offers versatile options to fit your needs. Small parties feel right at home in our dining room, with a table reserved just for your group.

If your guest list is a little larger or you want to focus on your group without distractions from other diners, we offer a private dining space for your event. We work to accommodate your needs, making The Gregory your go-to spot for all holiday and special event needs. Hosting your holiday event at a restaurant makes the party planning easier on you since the restaurant handles most of the details. You will need to meet with the restaurant staff to make decisions on various aspects of the event to customize it and make your vision a reality.

Schedule a meeting with the restaurant staff to explore the available options and to make your selections. Having some information planned before you arrive helps this process go smoothly. Information you want to share with the staff includes:. An experienced restaurant can offer suggestions on how to achieve your vision for the holiday event. The staff can also help you get creative with the menu, budget and schedule for the event to wow your guests. The type of invitations depends on the type of event.

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A formal event typically includes printed invitations with the details, including a deadline for RSVPs. This ensures you are able to plan properly for the party size. For a less formal event, an invitation may be sufficient. Send out invitations for a holiday dinner at least two weeks in advance.

If you have more lead time, send the invitations early to allow guests to get the event on their calendars. One to two months ahead of time is generally acceptable for holiday parties and dinners. The food is the centerpiece of your holiday party, so choosing the menu is a key step in planning your event. Your venue selection dictates the menu to some degree, but most restaurants are willing to work with you to create the perfect menu for your event. The talented chefs at The Gregory use only the freshest ingredients, focusing on local and seasonal foods on an upscale menu bursting with flavor.

Many of our menu options fit into the upscale southern style, giving you a ature Baton Rouge flavor with an upscale presentation and flavor to delight your party guests. When choosing your menu, consider any food restrictions or allergies of your guests. Serving a rich pork dish, no matter how delicious, to a strict vegan may turn the holiday party sour quickly. So will a trip to the ER due to an allergic reaction. Know your guests and their dietary restrictions if you are going to select a specific menu ahead of time.

You have a few different options for planning your menu. One option is to let everyone order off the regular menu. This allows the guests to get what they want and eliminates any worry about food allergies or dietary restrictions. If you want to control food costs while still giving guests some choice, consider working with the restaurant chef to create a special menu for the event.

Offer a few different appetizer options to get things started. You can also opt for trays of different types of appetizers, so guests can start enjoying the food when they arrive.

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For the main course, offer at least three options. The typical suggestion is a meat option, fish option and vegetarian or vegan option. This s for varying dietary restrictions. Another safe option is to have an upscale buffet-style presentation. This allows for food variety for all guests and allows those with special diets to choose safe foods. When planning the buffet options, request at least one vegan option and one main dish that avoids common ingredients that cause allergic reactions. Work with the staff at your venue to select one or two ature drinks that fit with the theme of the party and the food selections.

Champagne and wine are always safe selections with a wide range of options to fit your budget and preferences. If you go with wine, offer at least one white and one red option, since most people have a preference for one or the other. Plan for about one bottle of wine per two guests. The best holiday party venues offer natural upscale ambiance, but adding your own special flourishes elevates the party environment even more.

Check with the venue before finalizing your decorations to ensure they approve of your choices. Some restaurants may restrict things like candles that could present a hazard or confetti that can make a mess. Consider the general ambiance of the venue when choosing your dinner party decorations.

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Balloons and streamers look out of place at an upscale restaurant, for example. Arrive with plenty of time to decorate the space well before the first guests arrive. Check with the venue to ensure you have access to the dining area early. Touch base with the restaurant before the event to ensure all the details come together as you planned.

If you have any concerns, questions or last-minute requests, contact the restaurant immediately to determine if they can accommodate the changes or clarify your concerns. Provide an updated guest count to the venue, so they can make adjustments as needed. While the staff at your selected venue will handle most of the work, you still want to play up your role as the host of the event.

Arrive early to ensure everything is ready to go to your standards. This also allows you to greet your guests when they arrive. The success of your holiday party often comes down to venue choice and planning. Give yourself plenty of time to plan all the details, from the decorations to the menu. When you choose an upscale location like The Gregory, you guarantee your guests a memorable holiday party experience.

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We listen to your needs on all the details of your event to make it perfect. We take the stress out of the planning process, handling all the details for you. Make a reservation at The Gregory to experience the exceptional quality of our upscale southern menu. Scope Out the Venues The venue is one of the most important decisions when considering party rentals in Baton Rouge.

Look at the venue from the perspective of the host, asking yourself these questions to ensure a good fit: Does the restaurant offer the ambiance you want for your party? Does the venue staff have experience in hosting private parties, particularly the size of party you plan to host? Do you feel welcomed by the staff?

Are they attentive, friendly and accommodating? Is there a private dining area available? Will the restaurant work with you on the menu? Does the restaurant offer the type and quality of food you demand for your event? Does the restaurant include a full bar if this is something that is part of your party plan? Are you allowed to bring in outside food or drink, such as your own wine or a celebratory cake? Are decorations allowed? How early can you gain access to the party area to set up for the event? Make A Reservation Date.

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Can you host i need a good Baton rouge

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