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A collaborative effort between Chinese police and gaming giant Tencent has led to the closure of what police say is the biggest ever video-game-cheat operation.

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The gang deed and sold cheats to popular video games, including Overwatch and Call of Duty Mobile. The operation was called "Chicken Drumstick", and had a website selling to "hundreds of countries and regions", local media reported. Kunshan police found and destroyed 17 cheats and arrested 10 people in connection with the ring. It said it was the "world's biggest" cheating case due to the large sums of money and games involved. With Bigger gamers wanted able to win millions in gaming tournaments around the world, a crackdown on cheating has intensified in recent years.

Ina survey revealed around a third of gamers admit to using cheats to improve their chances online. Several high-profile gamers have also quit platforms over the rise of cheating on some games. But with the rise of player-versus-player titles and online competitions, cheating is no longer just about giving yourself an advantage over the computer baddies. Cheating is literally ruining gaming and large companies like Tencent know it.

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This latest operation shows how seriously the Chinese company, and other games-makers, are taking the issue. It comes off the back of large public displays of aggression towards cheaters in other titles like Warzone and Fortnite.

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The story also shows just how lucrative these cheat-hacking operations have become. What used to be a cottage industry of hackers exposing glitches in the code of games has now become a massive criminal enterprise. The cheat hackers 'ruining' gaming for others. Star gamer quits CoD: Warzone over cheating. China's Tencent revenues surge thanks to gaming boom.

Burberry des outfits for video-game characters. China's Tencent revenues surge thanks to gaming boom 'Interest in e-sports will only grow and grow'. Cheating in gaming is as old as gaming itself. Related Topics. China Gaming. More on this story.

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Bigger gamers wanted

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