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Fan Jiang has pleaded not guilty to five charges relating to illegally operating a brothel at 10a England St, Christchurch. The council had received many complaints since about a business operating unlawfully there. The money was found inside a "drop box", which had five separate lockable compartments each with individual slots next to a different women's name. A police officer broke open the drop box and found "bundles of cash" with slips attached, Neale told the court.

Neale found business cards titled "Asian City" with the words "beautiful Asian girls" and the street address printed on it. Three of the charges against Jiang relate to contravening the Christchurch City Plan by operating a business without a resource consent.

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Another charge relates to operating a brothel outside the permitted area specified by the council's brothel bylaw. However, the bylaw does not apply to small owner-operated brothels, which can operate anywhere within Christchurch. They must have fewer than four sex workers and those sex workers must retain control over their earnings.

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Jiang had ly told council officers she was only the landlord of the property, Neale said. In a hallway cupboard Neale found lubricant, boxes of condoms and towels. There were no sentimental items found in the four bedrooms, but there were large clocks on the walls, Neale said.

One bedroom had a circular bed in it and a cabinet with lubricant inside. There were negligees in the some of the bedrooms.

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The bathroom was devoid of personal items other than mouth wash, Neale said. Under cross-examination defence lawyer Christopher Perssonsaid a photo taken by Neale showed a clothes drying rack with a button up dress, ordinary-looking underwear and a pair of trousers on it. Neale said he could not deny that. During one visit Neale observed a television in a bedroom was paused with pornography showing on the screen. There was also baby oil, baby powder and condoms in a plastic bag by the bed. The hearing continues in front of Judge Craig Thompson.

Thousands of dollars found at illegal brothel, court hears. Tina LawJun 02 John Kirk-Anderson.

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