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Inunder the banner call of NiUnaMenos Not One Lessthousands of Argentinians, mostly women, marched towards the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires to seek justice for all the women who died under brutal circumstances. Argentinians, like many in Latin America, call the phenomenon femicidiohighlighting the female victim whose murder is often, though not exclusively, perpetrated by an intimate partner.

In Argentina, women are overrepresented among the poorest 20 percent of the population. Due in part to higher unemployment rates, large gender pay gapsand other economic Argentina ladies, women are facing higher barriers to resiliency and survival. Indeed, the movement has also linked increased anxiety and stress to a higher probability of being abused—as well as a lower probability of feeling able to leave an abusive environment.

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Researchers have suggested that stronger investment in the care economy could createjobs and increase the wages of those who perform care services. An integrated federal care system, therefore, could counter the economic downturn by boosting domestic demand.

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Alcorta and her team will be working with their colleagues in the Ministry of Social Development, led by Daniel Arroyo, who has also been looking at various aspects of an integrated care system. While most economists will be more satisfied with a promise of higher productivity, many Argentinian women are aiming for gender equality. By now, the link between authoritarianism and the repression of women and gender nonconforming people is clear. But those targeted by such hateful politics cannot—and will not—be intimidated. In Guatemala, women with Argentina ladies face exclusion, stigmatization, and worse.

Few people in Britain have been more upended by the pandemic than migrant women.

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Argentina ladies

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The Women’s Movement Is Leading Reform in Argentina