Sandveld Museum

The museum houses 15 different exhibits eg. “Old” Lambert’s Bay, HMS Sybille Gunboat which ran aground in 1901, Photograph collection, Fish industry and fishing community, Book & Bible collection, Archaeological display, Horsemill and Farm implements and Clothes and embroidery from bygone days.

In 1887 Mr Stephan bought the commercial buildings and built the hotel in 1888. Lamberts Bay was used as a lay-up for British warships during the war of 1900-1902 and in 1901 the “ HMS Sybille” was wrecked opposite Steenbokfontein.

The first crayfish factory was started by Mr Lindström in 1918, the price was 1/6 and 2/6 per hundred crayfish.

Propeller of the HMS Sybille

The British gunboat HMS Sybille was a 3.400 ton twin screw second class cruiser. The ship was sent to Lambert’s Bay as a patrol boat during the Anglo boer war (1899 - 1902).

At 04h30 on the morning of 16 January 1901 the Sybille struck a reef near the farm Steenbokfontein.
The crew were taken aboard the City of Cambridge and guns and torpedoes salvaged.

Divers still search for artifacts from the wreck and in 1999 the propeller was recovered and can be viewed at the Sandveld Museum.


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